From Debt To Prosperity: 'Social Credit' Defined by David E. Robinson

From Debt To Prosperity: 'Social Credit' Defined

Book Title: From Debt To Prosperity: 'Social Credit' Defined

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1453835490

Author: David E. Robinson

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David E. Robinson with From Debt To Prosperity: 'Social Credit' Defined

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There is no reason for us to put up with recession, depression and unemployment. The government simply has to put more money into circulation. It can all be paid for if the government increased the money supply by issuing national, debt-free money, as Lincoln did at the start of the Civil War. We suffer from a failure of consumer demand because of a lack of buying power - because of our failure to use our God-given national credit to prime the pump. Our country was pulled out of the Depression by priming the pump with liquidity and funding new projects that put new money into the people's pocket. Watering a liquidity starved economy with new, national, debt-free money, - instead of borrowing money at interest from the banks and then giving it back to the banks - would work wonders.